A tweet changed everything!

(Photo credit to Global News TV)

I almost forgot I still have this blog space. From my last blog about my restaurant journey, it’s almost three years, if you don’t count this pandemic year, it’s about two years. Why am I digging up this aged blog and continuing writing? Who knows you encounter what kind of turns on your life journey and who knows you will meet someone important?

On January 10 2021, Sunday evening one tiny tweet was destined to change the trajectory of my life at least for now. That sweet tweet was created by Kim Belair @BagelofDeath who is one of our customers I am not sure if I have ever spoken with her in the restaurant before the pandemic. Since I have seen so many customer faces in the restaurant I kind of forever lose the ability to recognize someone from their looks.

On January 11, Monday afternoon, I received an email from a journalist from German newspaper called “Süddeutsche Zeitung” translated as “South German” saying a tweet about our restaurant went viral. I thought it was a spam and replied to ask for screenshots. She replied with the Twitter link. OMG, it was real I could not believe that tweet got almost 60K likes and 10K retweets even I am not a Twitter fan I knew it was not an easy number to get.

For sure I agreed to this German interview, it was scheduled Wednesday at 3PM here 9PM Germany time over Skype video. On the same day I received interview requests from CBC radio Montreal “Daybreak” and digital media montreal.eater.com. The CBC radio live interview happened on Wednesday morning at 8:10, English is my second language, I was nervous. I could not figure out how to pronounce the word “complexity”, I failed twice and the host bailed me out. After that 10-min interview I went directly to my restaurant to prepare for the day. I thought I did not do well on the interview since it’s my first interview ever. In the afternoon, I received a call from CBC for an interview, this time it’s CBC national brand program “As It Happens”, I was talking to the famous host Carol Off on Thursday, can a dream become more real? After moving to Canada about 14 years ago, I spent a lot of time listening to radio to improve my English. At the beginning I listened to CJAD AM800, the quality was great but there were some commercials then I found CBC, no commercial at all. For the purpose of learning English, no commercial is a great plus. Later I found out CBC was 100% funded by Canadian government so they don’t need revenue from ads. I feel it’s unfair to give up on CJAD because of this factor. Especially later CJAD contacted me to join their “Aaron Rand Show” live at 5:50PM coming Monday Jan 18th. I did much better on the interview on CBC national and CBC would write an article on their website with the interview clip. They asked my photo for that article and I asked the possibility of not giving my picture since I always keep a low profile, taking a selfi is never my thing. CBC was nice enough to say I didn’t have to provide it.

Ironically, on the next day, Friday, Global News TV called me in the morning to request a TV interview. If I agree they would send a cameraman at 1PM to record the interview and it would be aired at 5PM. I was hesitant to show my face to the public so far there was not my picture on the internet. But I did not want to miss this great opportunity of publicity so I said yes. After Global News aired the interview on TV we immediately saw a huge increase of orders and a lot of my friends sent me the article with the video clip. Some mobile phones even popup my photo through Global News APP, that is insane!

Before the weekend, I was interviewed by The Guardian, Today.com, Food Network, MTLblog.com, Dailyhive.com, it was everywhere. I could not believe what just happened to me.

Friday and Saturday we saw a lot of new customers and a lot of them told me they heard me on the radio or saw me on TV and they loved it.

When all this magic happens I can only think of one person that I have to say huge thanks it’s Kim Belair. On Saturday night I recovered my dormant Twitter account @feigangfei which was registered in 2011 when I was thinking about learning English by joining social media but there was zero activity during the past 10 years. Now I started with 0 follower and 0 following, the first person I followed is Kim and it’s NOT difficult to find her Twitter account, is it?

I replied that HOLY tweet stating that I am the owner of Cuisine AuntDai and my name Feigang Fei, right now all those big name media articles have Feigang Fei, Kim Belair and AuntDai  all together. Kim saw my tweet reply and she followed me and I DMed my cell phone number to her. I posted my first tweet with the screenshot of my Twitter account showing “1 follower 1 following”, in my heart, that’s the relationship between Feigang Fei and Kim Belair.

Kim called on Sunday morning, we had a great conversation for about 30 minutes. I thanked her a lot for making me kind of famous internationally after seeing media reports in so many languages. I told her that history has already forged the bond for two of us and it’s on the internet, they say once it’s on the Internet it never disappears, right? I told her if she plans for any interviews or live events and if she needs me, I will always be there no matter what.

Right now, it’s Sunday night, what a heck of week I just lived, I promised I would update this blog very soon and I keep my promise. 

Since my name and picture are on the Internet now, I have to come out, JUMP!

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Facebook—>Cuisine AuntDai



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