When customers started to complain about us

We always enjoyed good reputation for our restaurant on Cote-des-Neiges and that’s what we’ve been striving to achieve from the very beginning.

After the renovation in the end of March 2017, we saw our customers like us more with the new look of the dining room. Our waitresses often received some compliments from our customers everyday. But for the month of June and July, they got a lot of complaints and I knew WHY.

Today I am explaining what happened during June and July 2017.

As you may already know, we opened a second Cuisine AuntDai Chinese restaurant in Anjou Montreal in the beginning of June 2017. In the planning of the new restaurant, we have to have more cooks to work in two AuntDai restaurants. I was preparing for the increase of kitchen staff for some time already, from two cooks to four cooks.

I had a big decision to make.

What is the relationship between these two kitchens? Should we have only one alpha chef or two alpha chefs and each one manages one kitchen. One alpha chef is very natural since my head chef was with us from day one. But the other head chef was not completely trained from our head chef and he came in with his own version of Chinese cooking. Everybody knows Chinese cuisine is way too complicated and every chef cooks a different way. This new second head chef got different skill sets and with all the negotiations and consultations with our staff and I made the decision:

My first head chef was assigned to the new restaurant in Anjou with a cook to help him.

The second head chef stayed at the Cote-des-Neiges restaurant.

The thinking was my trailblazer head chef will help us to open the new market in Anjou. And the original restaurant had regular customer basis already and as long as the second head chef follows the recipe, we should do well at Cote-des-Neiges too.

The reality was:

The second head chef did not follow the recipe or the instructions from the first head chef.

It’s like a new chef in town, we started having dramas.

I had to make a lot of phone calls with every employees.

Sometimes I brought some employees to talk or drink together and things did not get better.

The worst I feared was the satisfaction of the customers being impacted.

Almost everyday, we have some customers complained to our waitress and some of them are our loyal fans.

A lot of customers say we have the best General Tao Chicken in Montreal and during these two months, we even received complaints about this plate.

Also many many customers came to our restaurant for “braised pork belly with sweet potato noodles” AKA “Hong Shao Rou”, one regular customer directly told our waitress “please ask your boss to bring the previous chef back!”. And that’s what I heard from our customers and that’s what I did.

We all make mistakes but we should have the courage to correct them, it’s never to be late.

On 23rd July 2017, I did pull the plug. The second head chef was let go and I moved my first head chef back to the Cote-des-Neiges.

The new structure is:

The head chef overseas the two restaurant kitchens to make sure all the cooks cook the same way.

The level of quality and services was restored and we were trying to improve everyday.

From 24th July 2017 till now, we rarely hear negative feedbacks from our customers.

If any of our customers was not happy with our food at Cote-des-Neiges restaurant between June and July of 2017, we apologize.

Consistency of quality and service is our commitment to our customers.

We are always trying to serve you better.

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