How was our second restaurant doing?

On June 1st 2017, our second restaurant under the name Cuisine AuntDai opened it’s door in Anjou to customers. I was there in the morning, I did not expect many customers to come in and damn I was right. We did not advertise anywhere except a post on our Facebook page, I was hoping to start the business slow so that the quality would be guaranteed. As I mentioned before, this restaurant is deep in the residential neighborhood, no exposure to many pedestrians. There were only a few customers coming in on the first day since we did not plan any grand opening and we even did not have our restaurant name outside of the restaurant. The previous owner told me request the permit to change the name sign with Anjou city and I did but the city told me it would take about one month to get the new sign approved, rule is the rule, so we did not have the sign up for the first month of our opening which won’t help our business at all. In the first day of business we received so many phone calls for delivery but they were asking for combo #X of the previous restaurant. We didn’t combo options and our price looked too expensive comparing the previous restaurant and people on the other end of the telephone line were not happy with our new price. We didn’t get any customers through the phone (the reason we kept the same phone number in hope of getting some previous customers, looks like it’s not working).

The first week passed like this, very few customers each day. This really made me nervous, the low turnout number was way below my expectation. Then I realized that even Cuisine AuntDai had quite some loyal customers but down here in Anjou, we kind of have to build our customer base from scratch, from ZERO.

If we keep losing money like this we won’t last very long.

After the initial panic, I started to put all the options on the table.

I know we have great food and services and the number one priority is to get customers to try our food so they have chance to like us.

Realizing the importance of the advertisement is the first step of starting the business of Cuisine AuntDai Anjou.

To be continued……