Cuisine AuntDai has expanded to Montreal east Anjou.

With the moderate success we had in Cote-des-Neiges, I was always looking to expand our business into a second location. Some customers told me to open a restaurant in west island. To be honest, we would have best chance if you open a restaurant in west island. Starting in 2016, I started looking for a potential location to open a second restaurant. Risk is always the top concern for me, too many factors I have to weigh. Then nothing happened and we focused on the existing restaurant with a major renovation at the end of March 2017. You can see the details in the previous blog.

After the renovation, I was taking a deep breath and expected a long rest.

Then in May, an opportunity suddenly came to me.

A very nice Chinese restaurant was for sale in Anjou. The dining room and kitchen were almost perfect. It’s like a dream restaurant for me with a huge BUT. The golden rule, location, location, location. But the location for this restaurant was really at the lowest point. It’s deep into a residential neighborhood, not close to Metro station. Maybe for the reason of location, the previous restaurant did not do well and their main business was inexpensive delivery to the neighborhood. Yes, it was North American Chinese food. The previous owner offered it with a very attractive price and we worked out a deal within two weeks. For me, it’s a perfect opportunity to expand with a low upfront cost. But it came with a huge risk if we could not attract more business into this new restaurant. We started Cuisine AuntDai at Cote-des-Neiges from scratch and we expected an easier success since our AuntDai brand had some recognition already after three years of business.

Since we got the keys, we spent about two weeks to get the new restaurant ready and it was really rushed.

On June 1st 2017, our Anjou restaurant opened its door to our unknown customers. How did it go?

I will leave it to the next blog, it’s very late in the night now.

This restaurant has a bar with 7 bar chairs, a dancing pool, 100 seats inside and 60 terrace seats, here are some pictures.

Address 6381 Roi-Rene, Anjou, H1K3G4, 5149036222,


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