Montreal restaurant to celebrate Chinese New Year by DIY JiaoZi and TangYuan

Celebrate Chinese New Year! Make Jiaozi or TangYuan by yourself at Cuisine AuntDai.
18th February Wednesday is the Chinese New Year eve, at Cuisine AuntDai, starting 5PM, customers are welcomed to make fresh JiaoZi (dumpling) or TangYuan (rice dumpling). They are the most common food you can find on the tables for most families. We will have flour (or dough), filling and tools ready for you. They are free as long as you make them by yourself. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make them, we will have one coordinator to help you also we will record a video to show you the steps this Sunday 15th Feb and the video will be available on our Facebook page.On the TV, we will show the annual Chinese New Year performance show all day long. Come and join us to celebrate!

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