Montreal Chinese restaurant uses Facebook likes for membership

We often want to thank our loyal customers with something we can offer which is some free food.

We were thinking of a membership card to our customers so we can give them some free food or get them involved with our special events such as restaurant anniversaries or Chinese New Year celebrations. We looked at the membership card systems available on the market, they are either expensive for us or they are too simple too primitive technically.

Then we come to the easy solution, use Facebook likes as our way of tracking membership.

looks like everybody is having a smartphones with them now either with cellular data plan or not and we have a free WIFI at Cuisine AuntDai. So if you want you show us you are a member of this family, simply show our waitress on your own mobile device that you liked our Facebook page.  You will get the promotion deals available at the time.

As a pilot project, we would offer our Facebook fans a free soup for January 2015. You can find the details on our Facebook page.

Also, don’t forget to visit our website to have more info about us.

I guess we are the only Montreal Chinese restaurant uses Facebook likes for membership and let’s find out how does it work.


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