Best Chinese restaurant in Montreal

Which restaurant is the best Chinese restaurant in Montreal?

This question is not an easy one and to be honest we don’t have many good ones in Montreal comparing Toronto where you can find so many of them.

In Montreal, the big ones are always Cantonese/HongKong style, like Kam Fung and Cristal Chinois. For the Chinese food from north of China, for north, I mean other than GuangDong, HongKong. We have a few, usually the size of the restaurant is not big and they are mainly found either in Chinatown or near Concordia university.

Cuisine AuntDai is located on the Cote-des-Neiges street and few minutes drive from the golden mile. It has 42 seats and benefits from not having the big crowd from downtown, we can focus on the quality of food and service. Here you can find some really authentic Chinese food being prepared with passion and dedication.

We try to become one of the best Chinese restaurants in Montreal and trying very hard to be the best. It will be anybody’s call but that’s our goal. If you ask a Chinese friend around you who likes soccer, they probably know the motto of Beijing GuoAn soccer club, Always trying to be the best. Lot of times, they came at the second place, I don’t remember they ever got a champion title. But I like their attitude, always trying to be the best.

If you come to visit us, we won’t let you down.

You are more than welcome to list the dishes you like on our menu or some good Chinese restaurant in Montreal and the reason why by replying this blog.



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