Cuisine AuntDai, delivery or not?

Once the weather in Montreal got cold, people around Cuisine AuntDai always ask one question, does AuntDai do delivery?

The question has been in the air since the beginning of the journey of Cuisine AuntDai from Febuary 2014. Cote-des-Neiges looks like a natural place for restaurants to do delivery, most of our neighbor restaurants have been doing just that.

To get delivery more convincing, we are a Chinese restaurant in Montreal, how many of them don’t do delivery?

Here are our calculations on whether doing delivery, pros and cons as usual.

For customers, pros:

If you live nearby, weather is rough and you want some real delicious Chinese food, for sure you don’t want venture into snow storm or chilly wind, calling for a delivery from your own comfortable room is a best choice.

For customers, cons:

If you really really want some real real Chinese food, delivery is not your best choice and here is why. For most Chinese dishes, it tastes best when it’s fresh out of the wok, steaming hot. Lukewarm is not a friend of Chinese food. Even we have the food delivered right after the it’s ready from the kitchen it will take about 10 minutes to get your table. If a delivery person is not in place right after the food is ready, it will take longer, the food will lose its best taste for sure.

For the restaurant, pros:

More revenue for sure plus the exposure to the people around this neighborhood, more people knowing AuntDai will bring more customers. A lot of our customers coming to the restaurant have shared this idea with us.

For the restaurant, cons:

After the delivery, the food won’t be very hot anymore and won’t be as tasty as it should be. The customers may not appreciate the real taste of our food which would shadow a less favorable image about Cuisine AuntDai.

Also, another point which could be easily overlooked is the fact that the delivery will increase the workload in the kitchen and potentially will lower the quality of the food given the same level of kitchen management effort. For us, we focus on the customers coming to the restaurant and take care of the quality of food and service.

It’s been more than nine months since we opened our door in Febuary 2014, facing lots of temptations of changing directions or plans, we stay on the course and focus on the service and quality. We want people enjoy our real Chinese food and the beautiful Chinese cuisine culture, that’s our mission.

Customers are very welcomed to leave us some comments, please visit our website

2 thoughts on “Cuisine AuntDai, delivery or not?

  1. If it matters, aye for delivery from one customer. I really appreciate your transparency in listing the pros and cons on the blog, but the biggest pro is customer not having to go through bad weather. I just called to ask you guys if you deliver and was super disappointed when I found out you only to pick up. For the argument of quality, pick up too would hamper the taste, right? But it is pretty much the prerogative of the consumer since he is opting for pickup instead of sitting in. Similarly, delivery works the same way, no? It is the consumers choice to go for a lesser quality of meal by opting for delivery. (From a consumer’s perspective, even if I get a lesser quality of product from you guys, at least it is still better than the crappy crappy chinese delivery that I will get from other sub-standard options!!)

    Just my humble opinion as a die hard chinese foodie.


    1. thank you for you comment, it’s really nice.
      These days the weather is really acting up. One Chinese customer took a bus for his takeout and I found out this only by asking when he showed up late, he told me he missed one bus. I felt little bit sorry for that. To be honest, if some loyal customers called for takeout and little far from here and if I am in the restaurant and not busy, I would drive my car to bring the food. But this should be applying to the very frequent customers.
      One thing to point out from your comment. If we do delivery, when we are busy and the delivery guy is busy, sometimes, even the food is cooked but it may still wait for the delivery guy to show up. this waiting time will increase the lead time even more. But when you come to pick it up, this extra wait time will be eliminated for sure.

      thank you and have a good day.


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